On Feb. 9, Lambda Pi Eta held a blood drive at the University for their annual philanthropic event.

While it may not seem related to Communications and the Arts, Lambda Pi Eta felt it was important to do a blood drive as their philanthropy event since there is a national blood shortage.

Leading up to the event, Lambda Pi Eta’s executive board posted quotes on their Instagram on why they feel it is important to give blood.

Here are some of the quotes that were included in the posts:

“Donate blood, save lives,” Kaitie D’Addezio, Lambda Pi Eta’s co-president and treasurer said. “The process is safe and easy, donating blood is actually good for your body, and blood is in short supply. You are making a huge difference in people’s lives.”

“Up to ¼ of hospitals do not have enough blood to meet patients’ needs,” Ava Holtzer, Lambda Pi Eta’s secretary said. “Giving blood help save lives; one blood donation can help give one to four patients a better chance of survival.”

“Blood is in short supply and the need is still strong,” Ariana Esposito, Lambda Pi Eta’s president, said. “Donating blood is safe and quick and can save the lives of cancer patients, those with a premature pregnancy, and trauma patients to name a few. One unit is able to save three separate lives…”

In total, 61 donors were registered, and 53 units of blood were collected. With the blood collected, up to 159 patients could be saved.

The blood drive was done with help from the New York Blood Center, who set up in Bethany Hall to conduct the event.

Along with those in Lambda Pi Eta, members of SHU Blood Initiative, another club on campus, volunteered to help hand out snacks to donors, hang up signs around campus, and more.

Thanks to all who donated and volunteered to make it such a great event!

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