Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) once again partnered with the New York Blood Center to hold their second annual blood drive at the University on Feb. 7.

LPH chose to hold the blood drive again since it was such a success last year. At last year’s blood drive, 61 donors were registered, and 53 units were collected. With the blood collected, up to 159 patients could be saved.

Along with last year’s success, LPH chose to hold another blood drive as there is still a national blood shortage, so they wanted to continue to provide help.

Leading up to this year’s event, LPH posted an infographic on Instagram with various facts to inform students why donating blood is important. One fact mentioned that approximately 29,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the US.

At the event, both LPH and SHU Student Nurses Association members volunteered to help hand out snacks to donors, hang up signs around campus, and more.

Some donors at the event shared why they gave blood.

Michael Olson, a junior social and behavioral sciences major, said he is a regular donor who tries to donate every eight weeks as it is something significant to him.

“I had a family member who was sick many years ago, and a big part that helped her pull through was my dad, my grandfather and family donating blood,” Olson said.

Olson added that everyone should consider donating blood.

“Donating blood is important because people are in need, and you want to adequately meet those needs,” Olson said. “Right now, there’s a major blood shortage, so it’s important to donate and encourage others around you to donate.”

Bitha Beji, a junior biochemistry major, said this was her second time giving blood. Beji added that she donated because she wanted to help and, like Olson, encourages others to do so.

“I know there’s a shortage, so I feel like if you can help out in any way, then you probably should,” Beji said.

This year’s blood drive resulted in 41 donors and 38 units collected; this will help save up to 114 lives.

LPH would like to thank everyone who donated and volunteered to help make it such a great event. View pictures from the event featured in LPH’s Instagram post below:

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