Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) raised $550 for the non-profit organization CommunicationFIRST at its first-ever “Lambda Pi(e) Your Professor” event on April 24.

Jessica Lameiras, one of the co-presidents of LPH, came up with the idea after looking at other schools’ branches.

“Instead of just keeping Lambda Pi Eta confined to just the members involved, I knew doing something more public would spread the word on the organization,” she said.

11 professors from the College of Communication & the Arts and the Stillman School of Business agreed to let students “pie” them in the face to help raise money for CommunicationFIRST, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with speech-related disabilities or other conditions through other forms of communication.

The professors included Matthew Pressman, Gregory Stevens, Ruth Tsuria, Ann Bollinger, James Kimble, Henry Amoroso, Erik Hill, Donald McKenna, Joseph Huddleston and Benjamin Pearl.

Lameiras said that reaching out was both easy and difficult.

“It was very easy to get professors who agreed to be pied; after all, it is for charity,” she said. “The difficult part was actually coming up with a time and day that worked for all the professors considering many of them have multiple classes on multiple days.”

The event ran from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the University Green. Students were able to pie one professor for $3, two for $5 and three for $7.

Lameiras said she saw how fun the event was for both students and professors.

“Every single professor who was on the panel were begging for their students to come and pie them, and the students themselves had so much fun being able to get back at their teachers in a respectful pie-to-the-face manner,” Lameiras said.

Julia Riolo, a junior communication major, said the event was “really fun” and she really wanted to pie certain professors because she’s had them before.

Ryan Casano, a senior communication major, said he decided to participate as well because it was for a good cause.

“I pied two professors that I have, Professor Stevens and Professor Kimble,” he said. “I enjoyed pieing them both equally.”

Lameiras said she hopes that this will become an annual LPH event.

“CommunicationFIRST is an amazing charity to be able to contribute money towards, and all the professors involved were so happy to be a help to the children and adults who this charity benefits,” Lameiras added. “I think ,for the years to come, LPH can and will continue to get the same professors we had this year and continually be able to donate money toward good causes.”

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